Week 6 – End of Course Reflections

1. What did you learn? I have learned several ways to breathe ( 5 breaths, expansive breath, 4-7-8 breath, are really awesome. The image of wheel of awareness really helps to be able to meditate.  Different adaptations that help to achieve the different asanas.

2. What stayed with you? Different breathing techniques (5 breaths, expansive breath, 4-7-8 breath), mindfulness, wheel of awareness. I use audios meditation from Dr.Siegel and Dr.Kristin. And i will start the app one giant mind that Cathy Eason mentioned.

3. What are your goals going forward? Keep improving my well being, doing meditation and breathing techniques everyday.

4. How will you stay connected to a community? Do yoga classes at the gym where I work, and teach my family the breathing techniques. I will use more the breathing techniques on my pilates and balance classes.


Week 6 – Course Goal Assessment

1. Do you feel like to have achieved your goal? Why or why not? Yes i feel like i have achieved my goal, that was learn to meditate to calm dow and improve my well being. I still have a lot to improve on meditation, but i have learned several forms of breathing that effectively help me calm down on stressful times what helps me having a more balanced life.

2. Do you think this goal setting practice could be used in other areas of your life? Yes, definitely. I apply breathing techniques in every situation, specially when i need to calm down. I have several meditative audios on my mobile phone so I can use it anywhere.

3. What is the one thing about the goal process you think worked best for you? What is the one thing about the goal process you would change? I did not know that breathing techniques were going to have such an impact on my daily life. I would change on my goal do the meditation every time i need instead of 3x for week, as i had initially delimited.

Week 6 – Observation of Interpersonal Interactions

1. How well am I listening? When I’m working I’m always listening people and their problems, but I feel that with people who are closest to me, my family and friends, I do not always listen carefully and sometimes I talk too much.

2. Am I really listening or am I thinking of the next thing I’m going to say? I’m not usually thinking about what i’m going to say next, but sometimes i interrupt their conversations. Once again, it happens more with people who are closer to me.

3. What are my body sensations as I listen? Sometimes I feel impatient, but in general I don’t have any body sensations in particular.

4. Can I allow time for and be comfortable with moments of silent pause? Yes, specially at work I got used to the fact that there are students who like to talk more than others. There are some who want to talk all the time, and others prefer to be silent and I feel good about it.

5. Am I really seeing them? Sometimes i’m not really seeing, specially the people who are closer to me, and sometimes it takes me a while to realize that they are not ok.

Week 5 – My Goal Progress

My goal with this course was to learn to meditate to calm down, what is happening with great success. I really enjoyed to learn the 5 breath pause, the expansive breath and now the 4-7-8 breath. I learned several instruments to help me calm down, I have managed to control my addiction to candy, I even lost 4kg.
At the end of my pilates and balance classes sometimes I also apply some breathing techniques that I learned from this course and people really like it.

Week 4 – Exploring common humanity

My three limiting beliefs:

  1. Be a better person: sometimes I do not understand some of my own attitudes, feeling angry, frustrated, or even ashamed of myself in some situations. I know I’m not a bad person but I like to be better, specially for my family and girlfriend.  I also would like to feel more useful, helping others, helping animals, volunteering for example. New way of being: i am confident that i do the best that i can, i try to be better and learn from my mistakes. I try to help others whenever I can.
  2. Be better professional: Sometimes I feel that I could be better at my job if I had more time to study and practice osteopathy for example. I feel a great need to do different courses and sometimes I feel that I do not apply everything I learn. New way of being: i am confident that i’m good at what i do, and i’m always doing my best.
  3. Be able to control my addiction to sweets when I am stressed, To have a healthy and balanced life: I think food is an addiction for me. Whenever I’m stressed I can not control and i wildly eat a lot off sweets, which makes me feel guilty and frustrated after. New way of being: I know I can control this addiction.

Week 4 – off switch protocol

  1. Common occurrences that invoke stress: Constant changes in my work schedule which forces me to give up my free time; see disorganization and incompetence at work; having the house dirty or messy; not having time to study; not having quality free time to practice sport, to be in nature, to do activities that i like or simply time to date; see abandoned or poorly treated animals.
  2. Body sensations: anxiety, irritability, chest pain, headache, tiredness, increased heart rate, craving for chocolates and sweets.
  3. Personal statement of intention: I will be aware of the sensations in my body in stressful situations, and i will use the off switch protocol to calm down.
  4. Off switch protocol: become aware of my body sensations  – take 5 deep breaths – calm down bringing the brain to present moment – do it as many time as i need until the stress goes away.

I have done this protocol several times and I feel calmer most of the time. But in more extreme situations is not enough and I feel an uncontrolled need to eat chocolates and sweets, which makes me feel guilty later.

Week 4 – Practising Minddfulness With my goal

My main goal in this course is to learn to meditate to be able to calm down and focus on me. Practicing Mindfulness really helps me on that, what clearly helps me to improve my well being. Now i use the 5 breath pause all the time, and i’m really enjoying the expansive breathing as well.

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