Week 1 – Wheel of Awareness

It really helps to have the image of the wheel of awareness to be able to concentrate and know what to do.

The first two quadrants of the 5 senses and interior of the body are easier and help to relax. In the third quadrant of mental activity, the thoughts that came to me were mostly from my family, then I began to feel my eyes blinking very hard, I had headaches, and then i saw the images of my dogs  who died in 2013 and 2017 blink constantly. I could not detach myself from the image of them even trying to change my mind, only when Dr. Siegel gave me the indication to see how I saw and felt these thoughts, I was able to calm down and visualize them with the rest of my family.

I had a constant need to move my arms and legs throughout the activity. In the end, after sending positive thoughts to my family, to the other living beings and to me, I felt calmer, however with headaches and tired


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