Week 2 – Wiring the pause

  1. What was your ability to stay committed to the exercise? To be honest I’m very committed. I simply incorporated the exercise into my daily life.
  2. How did you feel at the end of each five breath pause? I feel calmer and have better energy.
  3. Did you notice any physical sensations? The heart rate slows down for example.
  4. Did the pause open up any clarity for you? I realized that I open and close the Facebook page several times in succession to see exactly the same posts. The same happens with the email account, I open even without having any notification.
  5. Did you redirect your actions because of the pause? When I do this on the way to work, for example, after five breaths I put my cell phone in my pocket and I sing a song. I’m on a diet and the 5 breaths have also helped me not to go running to buy a chocolate.
  6. Did you find yourself taking the five deep breaths outside of the assigned times? To be honest I do not think about the assigned, I simply do the 5 breaths several times a day, when I feel stressed, anxious or simply when I want to prepare to do a task.

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