Week 4 – Exploring common humanity

My three limiting beliefs:

  1. Be a better person: sometimes I do not understand some of my own attitudes, feeling angry, frustrated, or even ashamed of myself in some situations. I know I’m not a bad person but I like to be better, specially for my family and girlfriend.  I also would like to feel more useful, helping others, helping animals, volunteering for example. New way of being: i am confident that i do the best that i can, i try to be better and learn from my mistakes. I try to help others whenever I can.
  2. Be better professional: Sometimes I feel that I could be better at my job if I had more time to study and practice osteopathy for example. I feel a great need to do different courses and sometimes I feel that I do not apply everything I learn. New way of being: i am confident that i’m good at what i do, and i’m always doing my best.
  3. Be able to control my addiction to sweets when I am stressed, To have a healthy and balanced life: I think food is an addiction for me. Whenever I’m stressed I can not control and i wildly eat a lot off sweets, which makes me feel guilty and frustrated after. New way of being: I know I can control this addiction.

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