Week 4 – off switch protocol

  1. Common occurrences that invoke stress: Constant changes in my work schedule which forces me to give up my free time; see disorganization and incompetence at work; having the house dirty or messy; not having time to study; not having quality free time to practice sport, to be in nature, to do activities that i like or simply time to date; see abandoned or poorly treated animals.
  2. Body sensations: anxiety, irritability, chest pain, headache, tiredness, increased heart rate, craving for chocolates and sweets.
  3. Personal statement of intention: I will be aware of the sensations in my body in stressful situations, and i will use the off switch protocol to calm down.
  4. Off switch protocol: become aware of my body sensations  – take 5 deep breaths – calm down bringing the brain to present moment – do it as many time as i need until the stress goes away.

I have done this protocol several times and I feel calmer most of the time. But in more extreme situations is not enough and I feel an uncontrolled need to eat chocolates and sweets, which makes me feel guilty later.


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