Week 6 – End of Course Reflections

1. What did you learn? I have learned several ways to breathe ( 5 breaths, expansive breath, 4-7-8 breath, are really awesome. The image of wheel of awareness really helps to be able to meditate.  Different adaptations that help to achieve the different asanas.

2. What stayed with you? Different breathing techniques (5 breaths, expansive breath, 4-7-8 breath), mindfulness, wheel of awareness. I use audios meditation from Dr.Siegel and Dr.Kristin. And i will start the app one giant mind that Cathy Eason mentioned.

3. What are your goals going forward? Keep improving my well being, doing meditation and breathing techniques everyday.

4. How will you stay connected to a community? Do yoga classes at the gym where I work, and teach my family the breathing techniques. I will use more the breathing techniques on my pilates and balance classes.


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