Week 6 – Observation of Interpersonal Interactions

1. How well am I listening? When I’m working I’m always listening people and their problems, but I feel that with people who are closest to me, my family and friends, I do not always listen carefully and sometimes I talk too much.

2. Am I really listening or am I thinking of the next thing I’m going to say? I’m not usually thinking about what i’m going to say next, but sometimes i interrupt their conversations. Once again, it happens more with people who are closer to me.

3. What are my body sensations as I listen? Sometimes I feel impatient, but in general I don’t have any body sensations in particular.

4. Can I allow time for and be comfortable with moments of silent pause? Yes, specially at work I got used to the fact that there are students who like to talk more than others. There are some who want to talk all the time, and others prefer to be silent and I feel good about it.

5. Am I really seeing them? Sometimes i’m not really seeing, specially the people who are closer to me, and sometimes it takes me a while to realize that they are not ok.


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